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Lensbox gives eyecare professionals and medical doctors the online technology and tools to build their business through better relationships with their patients.

Lensbox  connects eyecare users to licensed Canadian and American doctors and healthcare practitioners through a multi-use digital platform that is available throughout North America.



Despite internet businesses growing fast, only about 7% of eyecare happens online today.

Regulatory complexity, fulfillment challenges, and a shortage of online eyecare providers are constraining the impact of the online eyecare economy. The covid-19 pandemic has escalated awareness and the increasing need to offer online eye healthcare solutions to support patients faster, safer and more efficiently.

Removing the barriers to online eye health helps new and established eyecare practitioners get started with connecting, interfacing and serving their patients. This expedites growth for existing practices, and increases patient satisfaction, improving access to professional, expert eyecare guidance and eyewear delivery.

Downloading the app quickly allows a patient to book a consultation with their eye care professional of choice. As a clinician, you can choose text, audio, or video on our privacy and security compliant tele-healthcare platform. Lensbox provides a full e-commerce experience allowing eyecare users to shop confidently with the help of their eye health practitioner. Services are fully integrated with healthcare insurance providers, including 3rd party and state, provincial, or federal insurance providers.
Using Lensbox is easy for eyecare users and practitioners!

  • Lensbox offers a storefront for the sale and recommendation of healthcare products.
  • Live product recommendations are offered as a feature during all sessions.
  • Doctor of Optometry can add prescriptions to patient profile using our unique live AI technology
  • A wide variety of skincare, eyecare, naturopathic, and over-the-counter healthcare products are easily accessible on the webstore and application
  • Lensbox also offers complete back-end fulfillment, eliminating inventory and stuffing costs for practitioners by providing a drop-shipping service on all products sold through the Lensbox store.
  • Our direct insurance billing empowers maximize value for patients and ensure customer loyalty year-after-year.

The right technology changes what’s possible

Adding payments to platforms can be complex and time consuming. With flexible solutions and APIs integration with suppliers, partners can build new product and patient experiences quickly while Lensbox handles the rest. Lensbox diligently supports practitioner partners to meet global compliance and regulatory obligations while continuously iterating to add the latest technologies, without compromising scope of practice limitations.

Reach a bigger community

We’ve distilled best practices across thousands of partners to help you launch faster and go to market more effectively. Get discovered by Lensbox online users through a listing on our curated partners gallery. Clinics looking for platforms and tools to start and scale their online clinic operations gain access to our existing Lensbox users and more

Accelerate your go-to-market 

Promote your integration with co-branded materials. We’ve put together ready-to-use resources to help your teams and customers. Get best practices across a range of topics, including tried and tested go-to-market strategies and ways to optimize your integration, marketing and growth. 

Educate your patients

Eye health navigator™ is a Lensbox Vision Foundation initiative aimed at educating your patients about the latest eye health research, resources and rebate programs to ensure they save time and money on all their eyecare service and products. We work with clinics large and small, hand-in-hand to educate patients for optimal eye health outcomes.

We offer your clinic patient-centric solutions rooted in design and code:

  • Affordable monthly subscription plan
  • Privacy and security guidance
  • Scope of practice adherence support
  • Subscription and product discovery
  • iOS and Android applications 
  • Removing financial complexity with complete backend fulfillment on all products
  • CRM and insurance benefits analytics and support
  • Eye health patient education, staff support and marketing 


Visit to learn more about terms, conditions, and how Lensbox can enhance your practice.